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Who Would You Rather Fuck, Sean Or Nat? ?

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    Who Would You Rather Fuck, Sean Or Nat? ?
    Kelliee' says (Jul 01, 2010)

    Which One? Sean Or Nat?

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on July 01, 2010

Which One? Sean Or Nat?

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Yeah I'm gonna have to go with the whole both at once. I mean seriously if I had a chance to get with one of the guys of 3OH!3 you best believe it would be both of them.

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Both at once.

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Nat, is my fantasy XD hahaha'

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nat all the way i wud fuck him anyday of the time week month anytime. damn! he is soooo sexy!

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Hahahaha, KiddieKim XD

To answer your question, definitely Nat. He's so damn sexy.

(I hereby apologize to my boyfriend)

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sean iz cute ....

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Nathanial Motte:D

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... i'm a boy then ill probably wanna fuck (like pugofdoom) ur mom :D

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It would definitely be Nat; have you seen the size of his feet? It only means good things lol xxx

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Ur mom :3