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My First Kiss or Touchin on My?

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    My First Kiss or Touchin on My?
    Madi Motte Foreman says (May 19, 2010)

    Okay so, which one of these 2 amazing songs do you like better? My First Kiss or Touchin on My? :)

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on May 19, 2010

Okay so, which one of these 2 amazing songs do you like better? My First Kiss or Touchin on My? :)

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3OH3KEHAFAN♥'s picture

I like both of them and I can't decide which is better. And will there be an uncensored version of Touchin On My????

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Nat's Kelli_2's picture

Touchin On My

paulim's picture

I think I'll go with Touchin on My, but I like My First Kiss too!

I Heart 3OH3_2's picture

Touchin on my :D

Chelsy's picture

TOUCHIN ON MY its exciting but i still also love my first kiss

PeaceFreak96_2's picture

My first kiss

Ife's picture

my first kiss

Sean's Girl's picture

Touchin on my is my favorite of the two, but they're both good.

gabi_bissi's picture

Touchin On My is perfect :DD i love it

3OH3LUV1's picture

definatly TOUCHIN ON MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV DAT SONG, girl i gotta know how ya dance lik tht dance like tht......................... hahahahaha luv tht song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 8D

Lorna's picture

touchin on my.

xoxoslamma's picture

Well...i don't really like Ke$ I am going to say "Touchin on my."


It sounds REALLY good in concert.

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Ball3rado's picture

Touchin on my. My first kiss is shit.

Dewi's picture

I have finally decided that I like Touchin On My better. It's so damn good, probably my favorite off the new album :D

Shadowofdread's picture

Touchin' on my. it's more electro. (I love electro music)

Natalia_4's picture

I can't choose between them !

Trader's picture

Touchin' on my all the way. The beat is awesome!

TawnyKitaen's picture

Both songs are great in their own aspect. Def can't choose between them.

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RyanDWilliams's picture

Touchin On My!!!

air-ick-uh's picture

Touchin on my, cuz you know me and nat are gonna fuck, cuz we dont give a fuck

Siobhan's picture

Both have their catchy parts, I can't choose :P

Alexis_3's picture

touchin on my!

joshie's picture

Touchin on my for sure!

KiddieKim's picture

Touching on my...
Definitely x

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firegal19972008's picture

touchin on my is really good i used to like my first kiss but they pay it on the radio a lot nd it got old.

MissSwiss's picture

well, they r bothh great songs but i think i would choose my first kiss.