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My First Kiss or Touchin on My?

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    My First Kiss or Touchin on My?
    Madi Motte Foreman says (May 19, 2010)

    Okay so, which one of these 2 amazing songs do you like better? My First Kiss or Touchin on My? :)

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Madi Motte Foreman's picture
on May 19, 2010

Okay so, which one of these 2 amazing songs do you like better? My First Kiss or Touchin on My? :)

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sk8ah_boi's picture

Both are fuckin' ill, but I gotta choose Touchin' On My over My First Kiss. :)

Hannah_9's picture

My First Kiss

kirazinn's picture

Touchin on my cuz that song has a really cool beat that's just tight!

Colleen's picture

i love them both alot but i think i like touchin on my better :)

SelaVie's picture

I love them both but... Touchin on my!

Taylor_Jayy2010's picture

both i cant decide they're both wicked AWESOME ! ! :)

JordynForeman's picture

Touchin' On My. :3

Katelyn_2's picture

BOTH! My First Kis is awesome but so is Touchin On My

rafael_3's picture

both :)

jacqui's picture

touchin on my, for sure! and CANNOT wait for double vision

NappyDutch's picture

i cant make a choice between them, so both

Matt3OH3's picture

Both, but can't wait for Double Vision

Kim3.3OH3's picture

Touchin on my

@0800idobetter's picture

I can't choose between them.. I think I like both :D

caralynp's picture

Touchin On My. Even my MOM is impressed with the song. :):):)

LaurennRae's picture

i like both, but iTunes has shown me that i listen to My First Kiss more haha

Kan's picture

both are epic songs, but I prefer My first kiss (Touching on my is a hawt song anyways.) :D

madisonleigh's picture

Touchin On My. but only cuz Ke$ha pisses me off sometimes. :D

narcissist_93's picture

both of them =P

xoxoslamma's picture

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that is hard!!!!!! I like both, how about

"My first kiss went something like....touchin on my."


Mychael88's picture

i love my first kiss, love touchin on my as well...but i just want to jump and dance to my first kiss everytime i hear it haha

Ballerado Chick's picture

I think that I like My First Kiss a little bit better, but I still LOVE Touchin on My!!! They're even better live though!!!

misstonix's picture

When I first heard My First Kiss I played it on repeat like 5000 times. So I love that song a lot!
But I also love Touchin on My, they're so catchy songs. I can't decide haha!
I can't wait for Double Vision and Deja Vu to be released! :)

Lizz_2's picture

i can't choose, i

Dewi's picture

I don't know if I can choose! The choruses on both songs are super-catchy. I just heard Touchin on My for the first time today and it's already stuck in my head :D but I lovelovelove My First Kiss as well...see, I can't choose XD

Nadoo's picture

the are both sooooooo cool...!! i totally love 3oh!3 can't w8 for the album :D

Star's picture

i do LOVE my first kiss
but i prefer touchin on my

ryguy27's picture

touchin on my better beat