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comment if you agree 3OH!3 is the best band alive.

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    comment if you agree 3OH!3 is the best band alive.
    Lenn♥ says (Mar 21, 2010)

    3OH!3 is the best band alive. Dont you agree?

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on March 21, 2010

3OH!3 is the best band alive. Dont you agree?

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I'm pretty sure I've commented before, but they're just too awesome; definitely the best band alive!

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i dont know what to say cause it just says commet

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so true

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obviously..i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3OH!3
It's th BEST BAND..FIGHT 4 3OH!3

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Of course they are! I'm trying to get all my mates to buy their new album.

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I AGREE 10000000%. 3OH!3 will always be my favorite band and the best band alive.(:

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3OH!3 4EVA

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There are one of the best bands ever :D

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3oh!3 among the best bands, i think its the 2nd after Black eyed peas

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yes. yes they are. lol

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hahah ur wasting ur time asking a question everybodys gonna say yes too!!!!!!!!! i luv emm and hahah this is my third time commenting cuz thats how much i love 3oh!3

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i fell in love with them when i heard dont trust me and my love has been fueled with dont dance and dance with me , im not your bf, richman,sasquatch,house party, hott, ojos of an eagle, hey , starstruck, blah blah blah and id waste my 2000 characters mentioniing all their good songss!!!!!!!and sean and natts faces!!

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i agree with paulinne
theyre great and you can make their lyrics anything you want anyone can relate to atleast one of their songs wich makes it even better!
i think there the greatest band how do you disagree with that?!!!

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of course :D

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fur suree :)

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totally agree

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heck yeah its da best band i eva heard !! ! ! ! :]

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OF Course!
I never seen that super crazy power from any other band!!!
3oh!3 ROCKS!!!

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Of course they are the best band alive have u heard their music????? i love love love them they rock!!!!!

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yeah! best band alive! hot sean crazy nat making a girl go wohooo!

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Definitely! Ever since I heard their songs three years ago they've been my fav

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Totallyyy ..... haha im like the only person in my classs who likes 3OH!3 ... But oohh welll ;) .. They dont no wot realy music is ;) xx

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Best. Fucking. Band. EVER. no questions

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