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Q&A with 3OH!3 - Sumbit Your Questions Now!


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    Q&A with 3OH!3 - Sumbit Your Questions Now!
    Posted by
    3OH!3 WebCrew on June 19, 2010

    3OH!3 want to hear from you!  Submit your questions in the comments below and Sean & Nat will pick the best ones to answer in a blog next week.

    -3OH!3 WebCrew

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on June 19, 2010

3OH!3 want to hear from you!  Submit your questions in the comments below and Sean & Nat will pick the best ones to answer in a blog next week.

-3OH!3 WebCrew


prue-falloutkid's picture

do you think the fame changed you in any way? if so, how?
Sandrita_ank's picture

hi.. when are you coming to Chile, in south america??? i love u'r music and I really, really want to see u in a concert with my boyfriend. kisses and good luck in everything
3ohswiss's picture

what's the weirdest thing a fan ever said / did to you?
RebeccaLeon3oh3r's picture

What's one thing you remember your mom saying to you when you were a kid?
Interested's picture

To Sean: Do you have a really fucking drinking problem yet?
Fabi.Freak's picture

Why will you play on a Tuesday in Cologne? If it was on a fuckin Saturday I could go there. I just hate the date of your concert. It's on my birthday. However, I hope this won't be your last concert in Germany;D
Marga's picture

hello, I'm from Spain (Mallorca) and you are my favorite band. I would love to come please. chances are that you can enjoy your presence at a concert? I love you. This is your songs is your favorite? hello to Spain please 3OH! 3: D NAT(L)
imariotgrrrl94's picture

If you were told you had only one day to live, what is the first thing you would do?
Omggitsparv's picture

Can we still have a 3oh!3some? :)
Kan's picture

I'd like to know what your inspiration for the songs are :o? and also when you're going to visit germany?
christinee's picture

What made you guys want to begin making music together?
christinee's picture

What was your favorite part about the tour?
xxsummerly's picture

Sean,will you marry me? ; DDDD
nicoleMORRA's picture

just wondering, WHY DID NAT BLOCK ME (@nicoleMORRA) ON TWITTER? Can someone please help me with this? babybooz didn't help one bit, and this is my last resort. I even made a petition about this issue to try and get answers! HELP ME? :(
gabiinm's picture

what places do you want to visit on some world tour and what places do you want to visit on some vacation?
kübra55's picture

you will come 2 germany??? wich town which shows?
d_blockkk's picture

what was up with the show you guys put on at UCCS? a 4 song playlist and the opening performer was better than you?!?! (K Flay KILLED IT!!!) And then you didn't show up at BWW afterwards for the meet and greet?! what happened to all that?
Dr.Einstein's picture

hi guys, do you sometime come to Slovakia? Sorry about bad English...
hannahkf3's picture

do you guys ever just jam out to your own music?if so whats your favorite song by 3oh!3 (; haha.
Mante_KO's picture

Your perfect date, how would it be? :P
Interested's picture

Guys, you have image of bad guys. But do you really so bad in real life (parties, alcohol, filthy language)? :)
giantsfanatic55's picture

I attended Too Fast for Love on 5/28 in SF and gave you guys a copy of my Starstrukk remake. Did you watch it? What did you think?
Katie.'s picture

Anywayy ... My question is :::: ... If you could live anywhere in the world except colorado ;] where would you live? xx
Katie.'s picture

infinityxsarah ::: Omg realyy? xx thts sweet Bless your little cotton socks nat
Sammy_6's picture

Hi guys. I'm a fan of yours from Hungary. :) I've never been to your shows before, so...When will you come to Hungary? *-*
Wendy Chow's picture

Will u guys come to HK??
StreetsOfLeann's picture

Sean , i heard you became a vegitarian , why did you choose to become one. And Nate, i heard that in the music video "My First Kiss" is when you got your first kiss. why so late?
angelarizza's picture

You seem very techno-friendly with your music. Did you study techonology? :)
megan_8's picture

You guys seem to sing a lot about partying and drinking; did you guys do this a lot in college? And what is your best advice for college-bound students?
cara3oh3's picture

come back to england?