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My First Kiss (Feat. Ke$ha) - Music Video Premiere!


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    My First Kiss (Feat. Ke$ha) - Music Video Premiere!
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    3OH!3 WebCrew on June 02, 2010

    Watch the worldwide premiere of 3OH!3's music video for "My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)" exclusively on


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on June 02, 2010

Watch the worldwide premiere of 3OH!3's music video for "My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)" exclusively on



cristina1481's picture

hey boys! The video is okay, but a little boring because there are always the same images. Compared with the video of "don't trust me", this video is a little disapointing. Hope you won't refuse it, it's only an opinion. Kisses! ^^
Cath's picture

Love the video, but where's Ke$ha, she's more in the original song than in the video?? But I'm still in love with the boys, they are AWESOME ;)
CatiaS's picture

I love it! Such a cute video :D
Marga's picture

I lovee itttttttt!!! i loveee youu NAT
Nedaa's picture

oh my god!, "sorry, we're unable to offer this video to users in your region" you gotta be kidding with me, i'm living in Egypt not Antarctica!.
JayMay's picture

Crap. Video unavailable in my region. Its Toronto not Abu Ghraib. Gez, try to get it together eh.
ireial_16's picture

luv it!!
Interested's picture

Good. But it could be better! Guys are the best) We so long was waiting for this, but this is not gorgeous, not something really cool! Song is really cool, not video)
echidna1's picture

sean is looking hot as hell in this video. loved it!
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Sarahhh_3's picture

Lovvvve it!! =]
kadykasm's picture

I was so excited to see this video... Now I cannot because it's not available in frigging Canada. Thanks -.-
Andrea_8's picture

I have to say, I'm about to get into the video and kick off that girl with Nat. haha The video is amazing. I love it a lot!
princess_bre's picture

dude this video was hella bomb! saw them last night they were the best!
Mr_ToKeN_13's picture

likte it! alot but i´m not like fascinated with it!! love the lyrics and the music alot!!! xD! but make a greater efford 4 next video guys!! dont you imgaine a duet with gaga!?? hu!H that would be reaaally cool!!! ahha unique and amazing! haha !love it!! XD! oh! by tha wey!! lovw touchin on my!! song!! haha!! i listen to every day! xD!
SpazKitten's picture

I so love it. And definitely would not mind being the girl with Nat
SamanthaRaudys's picture

Extremely jealous of the girl all over nat
kifozem's picture

this video is extremely low budget
Guihobi's picture

Love It :D brazil?3OH!3 come to brazil pleease *-*
Jessica_14's picture

the wolves in the background are a nice touch:)
Jackie3's picture

oh my gosh! i've had that song stuck in my head all day! haha! i fkkin love this video
CStan's picture

Hahah i love that the dude who was chillin on the stage at the SLC show is in this video! LLLOVVE
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Rbwoww's picture

....'s picture

u r so sexy xD
mironman1414's picture

that waz awesome, keep it up 3oh!3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trainwreck_that_i_am's picture

get those brats off my sexy men!! hahaha i lovee you guyss!!! muah!!=)
xxxmusicluvaemoxxx's picture

Madi Motte Foreman's picture

Most amazing video I have ever seen?
gchscheer14's picture

shoot! i'm jealous of the girl all over sean!!! dang he's fine